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Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno-Usługowych (The Economics and Services Secondary Schools) in Rybnik is proud to have almost 80 years of history. The school was founded in 1928 as a Cooeducational School of Business by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice. Since then the school changed its seat many times due to problems with room. In 1993 a new building on 30 św. Józefa Street was given for school’s use. In 2001 a new sports hall, which is now the town’s biggest indoor sports facility, was built. This outstanding sports base serves not only our pupils but it is also a place for various town, provincial and national competitions.

Our teaching facilities are constantly updated and expanded and that is why we can say with full conviction that Ekonomik is one of the nicest and most modern secondary schools in Rybnik. We are very proud of our well-equipped classrooms, library, auditorium and theatre hall. There are six modern computer classrooms. All computer classrooms as well as most of other classrooms and library have broadband Internet access that can be used as a teaching aid during classes. We care about our image as a modern school and that is why, thanks to the money obtained from the EU PHARE 2003 program, we put four new specialist gastronomic classrooms into use.

Another challenge for our school’s employees is the security of our students. In order to meet the security standards we have set up a video surveillance system. Several CCTV cameras have been installed in our school which record images from the school corridors.

It is our tradition that our students are inspired not only to achieve knowledge but also to take up artistic and sports challenges. Ekonomik students and teachers are very successful in many various fields. Our students vaunt many successes in general knowledge contests as well as in economics, catering, artistic and sports competitions.

For many years Ekonomik has been known not only as a vocational and secondary school but also as a breeding ground for many artistic talents. Many talented reciters and people connected with the stage went down in our school chronicles. Our students are very successful in various artistic competitions, such as singing, reciting contests (including declamation contest in the Silesian dialect), or the interschool Verbal Dueling. Every year the school vaunts many sports successes which are owed to excellent sports facilities but mainly to our students’ talents.

Our educational offer is enriched with a variety of special interest groups. Among those are:

subject interest groups including general subjects groups helping students to prepare for Matura exams;

art interest groups such as the Youth Theatre, dance group, art and stage interest group and decoration group;

sports interest groups including basketball, volleyball, football, athletics and skiing;

School Tourist Country Lovers’ Club (SKKT);

ESTV – school TV;

volunteer club.

Knowledge of foreign languages is an important element of contemporary man’s education. In our school we have a wide offer of foreign languages taught with English, German, French, Russian and Spanish. Acquiring the ability to use a foreign language is very important in our school and for this reason we try to strengthen the international cooperation with other European schools using the possibilities created by programmes such as Socrates. Our school constantly tries to extend this cooperation to broaden our students’ horizons, to open them to the world and to let them exchange experience with students from other countries.

Our school constantly enriches its educational offer adjusting it to the labour market demands and the expectations of our region’s society. Ekonomik currently trains students to become hoteliers, economists, salespeople, cooks, waiters, bakers and confectioners.

All the information about our school can be found either on our web site or by calling the following numbers:

+48 32 4223663

+48 32 4225143

+48 32 4223549 (fax)

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